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Hello. I am Rythian, and this is my tumblr. I use it mostly to answer questions and reblog cool fan stuff. And sometimes banter with the rest of the Yogscast.
Apr 17 '14

cr4ckerjack asked:

If you had any tips to people who want to make their way gaming industry, like writing magazine articles or videos, what advice/tips would you give them and how would you make your way on the the industry ladder after you leave school?


I can’t give advice on the gaming industry exactly, because Youtube is a bit of a weird one - but I can give you the guidance that anyone should really try to follow to improve their employability. Also, go check Kim’s 500k video - she talks about how she got into it briefly.

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Apr 17 '14

roriwolf asked:

Heyo!! I keep hearing about your writing and I was wondering if I could find it? And if it's in a really obvious place then I'm just dumb and unobservant! Thanks! Xxxx has the livestream donation reward short stories, and the three-piece The Princess oneshot. That’s all I’ve made public so far.

Apr 17 '14

cruxaustralis asked:

Do you have ideas for stories that wouldn't fit written/minecraft form and can't execute them because of a lack of skills in drawing/animating?

Tons. Some of them involving Blackrock. There’s been many times where I wanted to do, show, or create something that just wasn’t feasible in a MineCraft setting. It’s not really a game suited for machinima (the storytelling method, not the company) at all.

However, as for writing, I believe there is no limit. The written word is so powerful, I never feel limited like that while writing. Yes, sometimes it would be awesome to have my words turned into art, or an animation, or even a filmic experience of some sort, but words can stand on their own.

Apr 17 '14

pandapans asked:

Did I hear someone say that they were going to be doing BioShock 1? :D

Yup. Once I finish Burial at Sea, and after a short break, I’ll make a series on BioShock 1. It would feel weird to skip that after doing every other one in the series, especially since that is what started it all.

Apr 17 '14

kellen2243 asked:

How would you rate the stealth mechanics and overall gameplay in BioShock Infinite: "Burial at Sea" part 2? Other youtubers I watch have mixed reactions on it, and think its a step away from what made BioShock infinite a great game. also, many of the youtubers I watch happened to miss the "Radar Range" weapon in the bay where you lowered the bathysphere containing the CO2 scrubber. could you at least attempt to use it against a few splicers? I want to see it in action. Thanks!

I’m absolutely loving it. I like the stealth feel of it, I think it’s adding a lot to an already great game.

I did pick up Radar Range, and we’ll see if I end up using it. I’m mostly doing non-lethal right now, but there will likely be times where I need to bust out the big guns.

Apr 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

How did you meet Rythian


Hm.. I’m gonna say 3 years ago? Maaaaybe 4? when the Yogscast was much smaller we had a TF2 community night thingy and ended up getting a tonne of people on Vent and Rythian seemed pretty cool and had the coolest voice so we became buddies (EVEN THOUGH WE SHOUTED AT EACH OTHER ALOT IN HEROES OF NEWERTH). I think thats right? RYTHIAN IS THAT RIGHT? Lets go with that.

can confirm

Apr 15 '14
Apr 15 '14

murderandkittens asked:

You never finished your Shadowrun series but you did two play-throughs of XCOM and I was wondering, what was it that made you keep playing XCOM but stop playing Shadowrun? (Sorry, this post is very out of date)

XCOM was way more fun to record and play, and it made for better videos. They also had way way more views, generally over five times the views of Shadowrun, if not more, so that indicates that my audience liked it a lot more as well.

The second XCOM series was also on the expansion pack, it wasn’t just the same as the first.

Apr 15 '14

powersuitup asked:

When you're in the writing process of a story, do you write in English or in Swedish? Obviously the finished product we get here is in English, but do you do the whole draft/edit/revision in English as well? Even in the second languages I'm fairly comfortable with I still finding myself writing in English first and then translating into the second language, and I was wondering if it was the same for you.

I write in English. It just doesn’t work otherwise, at least not for me. I need to think in English and write it down from my thoughts to the proverbial paper. I can’t just write a story in Swedish and then later on begin a translation process. It’ll come out stilted and awkward. Really good translation is a practiced skill, just knowing the languages isn’t enough.

I’m very fluent in English so I think it’s different that most people’s other secondary languages - I speak, hear and read more English than Swedish in my everyday life, so to me it’s second nature to do everything in English.

Apr 15 '14

binary-byte asked:

RIP Geoff.

He spells it Jeff. Geoff is for “pretentious” people according to him.

Also I put it in the video title, jeez! :)

Apr 13 '14

justmorven asked:

I enjoyed both the gameplay and the story of the original Thief games, and I think it's a real shame the new one turned out such a disappointment. After seeing your Shalebridge Cradle videos and remembering when I played Deadly Shadows years and years ago, I was wondering if there was any chance you were planning on doing more videos for Deadly Shadows or any of the other games?

I don’t think I will. I enjoyed the games when I played them back then, but they feel dated right now, and there are other games I’d rather play/make videos of.

Apr 13 '14

tictacpaddywack asked:

I am wondering what colour is Rythian's mask to be? In the icon it is purple but on the skin it is black. Also, is the enderman scarf a separate piece of cloth from mask? Thank you if you answer!

It’s purple. The cloak is separate.

Apr 13 '14

thereptile asked:

Here's hopes that your next game is a better experience than Thief.

BioShock is already such a fresh breeze of awesomeness. I’m loving playing it.

Apr 13 '14

iflydragons asked:

So good sir, now that Thief & Bioshock are almost out of the way, what do you think your next big story driven lets play is going to be?

BioShock is nowhere near done, there’s quite a bit left. And I’m doing BioShock 1 soon after that as well. Other than that, we’ll see. Transistor is coming next month!

Apr 12 '14

cruxaustralis asked:

Am I the only one that liked the new Thief better than Dishonored even with the game having so much flaws? Mostly because the gameplay in Thief feels good and I don't give much of a [censored] about story or graphics. Dishonored just felt kinda dull, especially the combat. The attacks didn't pass the feeling of weight. Also, are you a Lovecraft fan?

I disagree completely with every single bit of that. I thought the gameplay in Thief was almost as bad as the story, and I absolutely loved Dishonored combat.

Lovecraft is cool, but I haven’t read any of the books.